RFID/NFC interactive system for biggest IT conference in Ukraine SWIT 2014

Interactive banking branch

Corporate application on touch screens and mobile devices for Metinvest

Projection 3D Mapping show for LAY`S on Independence Day 2013 in Kiev

Projection 3D Mapping show for LAY`S in Odessa

Cloud RFID system with social communications on conference IT Jam 2012

3D Room with interactive interior and Augmented Reality for Chesterfield

Interactive mirror and clothing catalog for ISAIA

Presentation of the renovated cultural and art complex “Mystetsky Arsenal”

At the opening of the renovated cultural and art complex "Mystetsky Arsenal" multitouch installations with the software custom-made for this event were used. Visitors could study historical and modern photos of the museum in a convenient form, and see 3D model of the building. Besides, using the touch screen, everyone could examine materials of the presentation held by Natalya Zabolotnaya, the general director of the Mystetsky Arsenal complex.

The touch equipment for Art Capital Company at the Internet Trading exhibition

Art Capital company used multitouch installation at the Internet Trading exhibition. Art Capital specialists interactively showed the exhibition visitors how to conduct currency transactions on the Internet. Use of innovative technologies of TouchMe company attracted visitors’ attention and enabled the client to maximize the effectiveness of their participation in the exhibition. Art Capital stand was recognized as the most memorable at the event.

Interactive software and equipment for Peugeot

Ukrainian Fashion Museum is the project that took place in the framework of the annual event ‘New Look of Kiev’. Multitouch installation made it possible to examine the latest developments of the most popular Ukrainian fashion designers within one space. A separate interactive zone on the screen was allocated to each designer. Touching one of these zones, a user could see photos of new models as well as videotaped demonstrations.

The equipment used: 2 52"multitouch installations.

Software: custom-made flash-application with fully functional multi-touch interface and possibility of viewing photo and video content.

Aura restobar. Touch table, LED screens, content

Our company installed decorative LED screens in Aura restobar under the Arch of the Peoples’ Friendship in the very centre of Kiev. On weekdays screens hang separately on four columns of the hall. Each of the screens can display a separate image. When private parties are given, it is possible to easily and quickly connect separate screens into an integral one and to show a thematic photo-video content on it.

Interactive Ukrainian Fashion Museum on Kiev Fashion Days

Multi-touch iTable at the REX-2010 exhibition

At the 14th International exhibition of advertizing, marketing and mass media REX-2010 the world’s thinnest multitouch table was demonstrated for the first time in Ukraine. Possessing the same capabilities as an ordinary personal computer, iTable allows operating all computing processes without a mouse and a keyboard. 42" multitouch screen detects up to 32 simultaneous touches which enables several users to work on one common surface. Using iTable REX-2010 visitors could interactively examine activities of the startup TouchMe company, learn more about us and our potential.

Fashion DJ Miss FTV

Presentation on multi-touch iTable

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