Replenishing your wardrobe alone is not the best choice for shopping. Therefore we have created gadgets that enable you to consult your friends on Twitter and Facebook without leaving the dressing room.

IMirror Gadget designed by TouchMe is a mirror with a built-in HD camera. The mirror is run by touching a screen (Multi-touch) or making gestures in the air (Kinect). IMirror enables customers to take photographs and videos, post them on Twitter or Facebook status feed and look through the responding comments. In fact, iMirror is a virtual consultant facilitating customers` selection process and improving the service.

Client application

IMirror client application is a program with a graphical interface, consisting of 3 parts:

  1. Mirror enables you to have photos and videos made and compared.
  2. Directory displays the goods and allows users to conduct a search, interacting with the server and warehouse database.
  3. Wardrobe displays the client's choice, and provides stylists’ recommendations based on previous purchases

When the system is not used, photo and video logo or promotional materials are played.


  • Creation of photos and videos.
  • Review and comparison of photographs.
  • History of previous fitting photos.
  • Review of clothes directory.
  • Purchases History.
  • Recommendations on the combination of clothing.
  • Export of photos and videos to social networks, phone, email and other mobile devices.
  • Export of information (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/QR/NFC or print).
  • Provision of Wi-Fi Internet access.

Loyalty programs

  • Translation of individual advertisements.
  • Online promotion (presentation, survey, game).


CMS (Content Management System) is a desktop application used to create, edit and manage iMirror content.

  • Information about stock status (1C connection).
  • System for remote control and monitoring of hardware and software, 24 / 7.
  • Monthly reports on system operation (Technical Report).
  • Updates of the system program modules.
  • Updates of the database.
  • Financial reports.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management System) is a system managing relationships with customers.

  • Informing customers of new collections and promotions.
  • Reservation from "Wardrobe" section.
  • Statistical information about the users.
  • Management of ad shows and queries.
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