Multi-touch wall is a unique solution, allowing for operation of unlimited amount of information on big surfaces. Due to simultaneous detection of up to 32 touches, several people can interact with multi-touch wall at a time. Potential of displaying a graphical content on multi-touch wall is limitless. This solution will be indispensable at exhibitions, presentations, TV studios, trainings and seminars, in halls of the airports, business centers, shopping centers, in large companies whose management realizes that leadership in business depends on innovations.


  • Geographical maps with zoom function
  • Video and photo albums
  • 3D panorama photo
  • Games
  • Live-video broadcast
  • Internet browser
  • Carrying out presentations and many other things.


  • Size: customizable
  • Interface: Multitouch, movement sensor

Technology of information display

  • Rear-projection screen.
  • Seamless panels.
  • Christie MicroTiles panels.
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