Touch kiosk is an interactive display in an elegant metal frame with shockproof glass that can be used both indoors and outdoors.It is an information directory and a consultant under one umbrella, ideally optimizing an advertizing campaign and fully satisfying all customer’s needs


Installed at the airports, railway stations, stadiums, and other crowded places, a touch kiosk will become a full-fledged interactive consultant. A user will only have to type an inquiry with the virtual keyboard located on the screen and get the answer in the chosen language. For example, a user will be able to get a shopping centre map, a list of shops in the shopping centre and the shortest way to the place chosen.


It will be easy for customers to find the needed goods in shops or to look through the directory of the services provided by a company. In addition, they can look through the contacts and campaigns schedule, news, events etc. Kiosk, among other things, has the Internet access.


As clients use touch kiosk they will be provided not only with the information requested, but also with advertising texts and images with references to the products assortment. If desired, the customer will look through the advertisement and the selected information or will be able to redirect it to his or her e-mail address, saving time on looking through the texts.


Information touch kiosk is manufactured from ultrastrong materials which makes it completely protected against any external exposure, including, deliberate damage.

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