3D Video Mapping is a video projection created from one or several points onto various objects and surfaces of irregular shapes. Installations allow achieving new emotional environment in clubs, concert halls, at parties, festivals, presentations and other events.

The individual approach to each object allows using all advantages of geometrical forms of a surface. The technology makes it possible to visually change buildings’ exterior and to produce unforgettable impressions on the audience. A video image can cover the whole area of a building’s front in case of using several projectors.

The cost of this solution depends on installation’s size and duration and the number of visual effects used in it.


Some of our viveo mapping projects:



To realize the solution we use:

  • One or several powerful projectors.
  • Custom-developed 3D content.
  • Software.
  • Media server.

Augmented reality is augmentation of real world perception with imaginary objects usually providing supplementary information. A computer monitor displays the surrounding reality taken by a webcam in real time. At the same time, the computer can distinguish any of the objects chosen by the customer in advance and fed into the software. When such an object emerges in the webcam vision field, the image on the monitor is augmented with animated effects. Most appropriately augmented reality is used on exhibition stands during presentations.

We offer:

  • Development of promo-activity concept
  • Software
  • Development and design of the presentation interface
  • Creation of 3D models and animation
  • Equipment installation and tuning

Digital Signage is a technology of information submission on electronic media (displays, projective systems, etc.) installed in public places. Advertizing messages distributed via Digital Signage, reach target audience in the place most suitable for contact and in due time. This leads to significant increase in one advertizing content conversion. The advantage of such messages over traditional static forms of outdoor advertizing consists in easier and quicker replacement of the message contents, dynamism of the image, adaptability of messages to environment and audience, specifically online.

Digital Signage is characterized by a high rate of return on investment in comparison with printed advertisements.


  • Remote change of content.
  • Demonstration of advertizing messages addressed directly to the target audience.

Multitouch TJ 1000 DJ Controller allows for effective control of audio streams in real time. This solution is an innovation in the field of DJing. Multitouch setting has all the capabilities of a personal computer: it allows installing such popular programs as Traktor and Ableton. At the same time, if on computer we can control the process only with one mouse, TJ 1000 detects up to 32 touches which enables several DJs to play on one controller at a time.

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