Benefits for teachers and school administration

RFIDLE (the system of identification with RFID cards):

  • Registration of location (attendance).
  • Improvement of security.
  • Using RFID card as a student card, permit, payment card (library, canteen, outclass activity).
  • Partner program (courses, sections, café).

System of learning process automation

Electronic register
  • Performance
  • Attendance
  • Synchronization with student`s electronic register
  • Remarks, comments, rewards
Automated system of preparing for lessons
  • Electronic library for teachers and students
  • Data base (electronic textbooks and handbooks)
  • System of archiving knowledge and video lessons
Automated system of knowledge control
  • Textbooks use statistics
  • Study materials use monitoring
  • Tests/progress tests/other assignments
  • Homework check

Benefits for parents

  • Feedback to school
  • Communication with class-master and teachers
  • Monitoring of student's attendance and performance
  • Performance ratings

Benefits for students

Electronic register

  • Calendar and schedule
  • Performance
  • Homework and teachers` comments
  • Ratings

Electronic database

  • Electronic textbooks
  • Additional materials (photos, videos, etc.)
  • Groups` organization
  • Educational social network

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